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Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Counseling

couple dealing with infertility
Infertility and pregnancy loss are painful events that impact the parents as a couple and as individuals. Studies report that divorce rates after a pregnancy loss vary from 22% to 40% which makes seeking counseling after pregnancy loss very important. The grief experienced by the parents following a pregnancy loss can be complicated by many factors such as gestational age, how many people knew about the pregnancy, the presence of other children, and the support system available to the couple. Because of the range of reactions from others, patients experiencing a pregnancy loss often feel alone, misunderstood, and a sense of failure.

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center estimated that 9% of women ages 18-44 receive some type of infertility services in their lifetime. While infertility is becoming increasingly less stigmatized, the effects on marriage remain the same. Divorce rates are elevated among couples experiencing infertility. Couples going through fertility treatments report an overall strain on their relationship, reporting that family planning becomes a chore and that the stress of the infertility weighs heavily on both almost constantly.

Our therapists have extensive experience working with couples to address the pain and grief associated with both infertility and pregnancy loss. We help patients cope with the sorrow they are experiencing while helping them refocus on other areas of their lives that bring joy or meaning. While this does not take away the pain of these losses, it does help patients construct or reconstruct a sense of meaning for their lives during this difficult time.