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Blended Family Counseling

Of the nearly one million children who experience a divorce each year, an estimated 65% will at some point become part of a blended family through one or both of their parents’ remarriage. A blended family consists of a couple and their children from previous relationships. Blended families report many relationship concerns including co-parenting with ex-spouses, custody and child support battles, disagreements on discipline, differences in rituals and routines, and what many describe as “mine versus yours" family divisions.

Belonging to a blended family can be stressful on parents, as well as children. However, there are many communication, parenting, and emotional strategies that can help neutralize the negative effects of blending two families. Whatever struggles you are facing with your blended family, we can help. We help couples learn to appreciate their different styles of parenting and communication, kids to feel more adjusted, and the family unit to become more cohesive. While blending two families is not without challenges, we can help families identify these challenges and develop strategies to remain close and connected.