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Parenting Counseling

happy parents
Many parents find themselves at an impasse when it comes to certain aspects of parenting. Sometimes the struggle arises from a difference of opinion about how to handle a situation or behavior, and sometimes united parents struggle with presenting clear expectations and consequences to children. Other parents struggle with practical strategies for handling common behavioral issues.

Some common behavioral issues that present problems for parents of young children are tantrums, sleep training, time management, disruptive behaviors at home or school, and sibling fighting. Parents of teenagers often experience confusion about how and when to use rewards versus consequences, express concerns about friends, or handle issues such as substance use, romantic relationships, grades, and technology use.

We work with parents to develop a clear communication pattern and form a united presence in the home. We also help parents determine goals for treatment and their priorities in parenting. We discuss strategies for communicating with, rather than talking at, their children, and help parents develop a detailed plan for how to address certain behaviors and concerns.