Notice of Patients' Right to Receive a Good Faith Estimate.  Click here for more information.

COVID-19 Updates: We are now offering telehealth sessions, as well as in person office visits. Please click here for more information about Telehealth.


Why Telehealth? While we began offering Telehealth as an option for therapy during the COVID-19 health crisis, we have found many patients prefer the convenience of meeting from home or work. Most patients choose to meet either in person or via Telehealth and stick to a specific modality. However, having Telehealth as an easily accessible option allows in-person patients to avoid late cancellation fees and missed treatment time in cases of illness, bad weather, or other conflicts by changing to Telehealth, rather than cancelling.

Additionally, our clinicians offer several highly sought-after specialties, including Emotionally Focused Therapy and Christian counseling, and Telehealth allows us to expand our reach to serve patients across Michigan.

All of our therapists offer some Telehealth appointments, and several of our therapists offer Telehealth exclusively. We also continue to offer in person visits for those who prefer to meet in the office or for those who would benefit more from in-person therapy. Our office staff can discuss your individual needs to help you determine if Telehealth is a good fit for you.

Please see our First Visit page for more information about the telehealth process.

Office Visits

We are pleased to offer in-person appointments for patients who wish to be seen in our clinic. Be sure to complete all First Visit paperwork and send back to our office prior to your scheduled appointment time. Please contact our office or your therapist with questions about which option is right for you.