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What is a Clinical Psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is a mental health provider who possesses a Doctorate in psychology and is licensed to practice independently. This allows them to bill insurance providers and provide qualified counseling to a wide range of patients facing an equally varied range of mental and emotional concerns. While many psychologists specialize in working with a certain population or in a certain area, such as child & teen patients, inter-marital or familial issues, or depression & anxiety, a psychologist may obtain additional training and credentialing for specific subgroups, disorders, and areas of expertise.

Clinical psychologists are also trained to collaborate with other healthcare professionals such as primary care providers or psychologists. This is very helpful for patients who find their best treatment option to be the combination of therapy and medication, as it allows a patient's clinical psychologist and their psychiatrist to work together. While clinical psychologists specialize in the theory and practice of counseling and therapy based upon sound clinical research, they do not prescribe medication. However, in cases where medication is determined to be a helpful addition to therapy, a psychiatrist referral can be provided.

Renewed Relationships is run by Dr. Jennifer Mainka, a clinical psychologist who is trained in both the provision of therapy and the supervision of other mental health professionals. Dr. Mainka provides supervision to other providers who have earned Master's degrees and undergone similar training in providing mental health care, but are not yet licensed to practice independently. This may include Master’s level Limited Licensed Psychologists (LLPs), Master’s level Social Workers (MSWs), and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPCs). All Masters level therapists at Renewed Relationships collaborate with Dr. Mainka, who provides clinical supervision.