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Therapeutic Techniques

At Renewed Relationships, we adapt our proven treatment strategies to each individual patient and their unique diagnosis & needs. All strategies are evidence-based treatments that have been demonstrated to work both in studies and in effective practice. We believe that tailoring a treatment to the individual ensures the highest degree of success and establishes a secure working relationship between therapist and patient. The techniques most commonly used by our team at Renewed Relationships include Emotionally Focused Therapy for individuals and couples, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy for individuals, and practicing mindfulness techniques.

Early in treatment, we work with our patients to develop a treatment plan and set goals, and then work toward achieving those goals in therapy. We believe a collaborative approach in which the patient and therapist are free to discuss the strengths and limitations of the treatment works best. As part of the counseling process, together patient and provider will regularly assess the progress towards these goals and make any treatment changes necessary.